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DG-100 (Solid Black)


  • Number of Pickups


  • Construction


  • Body


  • Neck

    Brazil Wood

  • Fingerboard


  • Other Part Colors


  • Switch Type


 About Instruments (Must Read)
Production Change

As of January 2021, The tuners of all guitars will be the same type as the photo (Like JZM-90, RB-5000, and many others.) to realize more stable quality.

Blank truss rod covers are all deprecated. From the next Back-order products, It will be replaced with TOKYO GUITARS truss rod cover as the photo.

Price and Quality Balance

TOKYO GUITARS is offering the instruments with reasonable prices by omitting cleaning and adjustment process. Therefore please note that depending on the individual instrument, it may have paint roughness or may be necessary to make adjustments on your own or in rare cases at a repair shop.

Photo Accuracy

The product photos shown may represent the one of multiple produced. Please note that our product is a one-of-a-kind, each instrument has its own individual differences such as wood grain pattern or painting result or subtle position deviation of parts. We check carefully the individual differences of each production, and updating the photos if it is beyond our standard.

Shipping Schedule/Cost

The products in stock will be shipped within 4 business days by EMS after the order. Please refer Here about shipping cost.

Custom Order & Backorder Products

The product will be produced after the order, it takes about 3~4 months to be shipped. (If your order contains the products that are in stock without adding customizations, it will be shipped separately.

Custom Orders

You can also order any model of guitars and basses with customization such as painting color, parts color and much more. See the guidance